Monofin Molchanovs – basic model – fiber glass

Features and advantages:

  • Fiber glass blade has properties comparable to carbon blades, but the price is significantly lower.
  • Specially designed wedge sponge rubber that connects foot pockets with the blade demands significantly less effort from the diver while maintaining high speed.
  • The optimized foot pockets’ angle ergonomically distributes the load between the legs and the spine muscles.
  • Positive buoyancy – Molchanovs monofins don’t sink.
  • Hand made.

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Sizing Instructions:

Please use the following sizing chart to determine which foot pocket size to purchase. Foot pocket should be extremely tight for proper transfer of power and will require lube to slip in to. This fin is not recommended for recreational swimming.

Foot measurments
Monofin footpocket size engl


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